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Strategic Partnerships

We’re always looking for new partners to aid in our members success. Scroll down to learn more about our partner program.

If you’re reading this, you must be pretty darn good at what you do—and others have noticed.

Home Service Freedom partners with the “best of the best” across many industries. The common denominator is that all of our partners—whether they’re in marketing, recruiting, software, etc.— work primarily with home service companies.

They’ve also been thoroughly vetted and deemed the rockstars of their respective fields by our founder, Tommy Mello. As part of his mission to make HSF bigger and better than anything the industry has ever seen, Tommy is looking for rock-solid partnerships. And your business just might be one of them.


HSF is new program created exclusively for home service companies. It is a community that will provide mutually beneficial relationships, life-changing opportunities and all of the content, training and support that contractors need to break the glass ceiling and grow like never before. As a strategic partner, you will:

  • Exponentially increase your business presence. Home Service Freedom will host hundreds of the nation’s most ambitious home service entrepreneurs.
  • Transition from being the partner people want to the one they need. Partnering with us means you’ll have the ultimate endorsement from Tommy Mello and his team. Before the first conversation even begins, your leads will know who you are and where you stand in the industry.
  • Meet and network with other like-minded professionals in your niche. As a community, we will elevate the industry and create a space where everyone wins.

“What’s great about Home Service Freedom is that it’s literally providing a roadmap. The same roadmap that so many entrepreneurs before you have followed to grow and scale their businesses. We’re proud to be included in that roadmap, along with so many other amazing partners who are equally dedicated to helping home service owners elevate their businesses and change their lives.”


President & Creative Director of KickCharge Creative, Strategic Partner of Home Service Freedom